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EduKick USA - PIA 2019/20 Academic Year Soccer Academy Boarding School Overview

EduKick USA!

EduKick USA - PIA is a full-time residential soccer (football) academy with full-time accredited US Charter High School education (including the International Baccalaureate) provided by Mercyhurst Prep Academy. EduKick USA welcomes competitive international and domestic student-footballers from 14 to 18 years of age (US high school grades 9-12) to apply. EduKick USA is an excellent opportunity for young soccer players pursuing a US or Canadian University education and soccer program. We specialize is placing our EduKick USA HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMY PLAYERS at US or Canadian University Soccer programs.

US and International students are welcome to apply!


Attention International Footballers

High School is approved by SEVIS to issue I-20 forms.

Our Charter Prep High School is approved by SEVIS to issue I-20 forms to international students who wish to apply for an F1 student visa. EduKick USA - PIA serves as administrators for the international student and the boarding and welfare program for Mercyhurst Preparatory School, which remains open during all school breaks and holidays.


edukick usa soccer academy overview

EduKick Spain academy player Davide Somma, former striker for English club Leeds United FC.

EduKick assisted Davide to obtain trials in Spain and Italy after his program in Spain ended. He signed his first professional contract with Perugia in Italy, then with the MLS San Jose Earthquakes and later in England and with the South African National Team.

"Thank you EduKick" - Davide Somma, South African International

Location, Accommodations, Education and Safety

EduKick USA distinguishes itself with its commitment to safety, security and supervision in education.

Located in Residence Hall.

edukick usa football academy location in erie, pennsylvania.


Erie, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

EduKick USA - PIA is located in Erie, Pennsylvania, which is in the northeast of America. Most Ivy League schools are in the northeast as well. Good academics has always been one of the top primary goals at PIA for both students and parents. Erie is a great place for kids to adapt to America culture/life as it gives young men and woman more opportunities to experience. We believe Erie is safer than most cities and has great various outdoor activities.


Residence Hall

Our Residence Hall, with clean fresh air, is open all year (24/7), which makes us stand out as one of the top residential facilities in the United States. We have organized activities scheduled every day. Our Student Ambassadors provide nurturing, stability and concern for each student. We seek to show kindness and make sure each student's needs are met every day. Our staff work very hard to make sure students are safe, academically challenged, active and are also happy. In addition, our Ambassadors attend and encourage students at activities and sports done weekly to give them an understanding of America. They also teach American and Western Culture to all international students. Our goal is guiding international and U.S. coed students, grades 9-12, on a journey that starts with their high school education and is completed with their ultimate acceptance into many of the top universities and colleges around the United States.

USA Residence Hall


edukick usa football academy education classrooms in erie, pennsylvania.


Mercyhurst Prep

EduKick USA PIA Affiliated High School

Our affiliated High School, Mercyhurst Prep is a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence founded in 1926. In addition, the school is the only private school in Northwest Pennsylvania offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) program with over 30 years of IB experience. The IB program is based on the concept that general education at the upper secondary level should promote the development of the lifelong skills of critical thinking, communication, and integration of the information through an in depth study of the major areas of knowledge. Successful completion of the program earns for the student a diploma/certificate recognized for university admission and for course credit at many colleges and universities throughout the world. Mercyhurst Prep is northwestern Pennsylvania's only secondary International Baccalaureate (IB) school and is one of 3,290 schools in 141 countries around the globe who are part of the prestigious International Baccalaureate Organization.

Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Safety, Security, & Supervision

A safe family environment ideal for our players.

EduKick USA is situated on a spectacular 10-acre campus in Erie, Pennsylvania. Located near three major US cities and coupled with easy access to Erie's airport, we are easy to reach from around the world. PIA is an integral part of the Mercyhurst Preparatory School Experience and Cultural Hub for high school students in Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide our student-soccer players with an enriched and enhanced living experience akin to the top Universities and Colleges in America.

EduKick Football Academies distinguishes itself with its commitment to safety, security and supervision. Football Academies' students have adult monitors/mentors assigned to them as part of the program for continual service, supervision and mentorship. EduKick Soccer Academies participant events and activities are also carefully monitored and supervised. EduKick Soccer Academies Program rules and regulations are designed to ensure the safety and security of our soccer player participants (i.e. curfews, permission to exit regulations, etc). All soccer player participants are required to carry personal health insurance. During our technical training sessions we have on-site non-emergency medical trainers and personnel who can provide basic athletic-injury care and support. EduKick Soccer Academies is committed to establishing an atmosphere that is safe and nurturing for our participants. We believe that after these basic needs are met for both our foreign and domestic student athletes, an environment conducive to learning a new language and soccer training is made comfortable and effective.

edukick usa player safety first

EduKick's Marielle Benitez, Captain of the Philippine Women's National Team is an excellent example of the kind of player EduKick Spain hosts and produces.

"Much appreciation EduKick" - Marielle Benitez, Philippine International

EduKick USA Soccer Training

Progressive, professional soccer training environment.

Course Director

The soccer curriculum includes training five day per week Monday to Friday under EduKick's USA Course Director, Sam Tojaga. Sam Tojaga is a highly experienced, licensed youth soccer coach with an impressive track record of exposing his soccer players to US Colleges and Universities.

USA Soccer Academies Football Training
USA Soccer Academies Football Training

Director of Coaching

Yaser Al-Harbi is the Director of Coaching for the International Soccer Academy of Erie and serves as the Technical Soccer Director for EduKick USA. He holds numerous coaching licenses from all over the world.

Yaser's licenses include the USSF D License, AFC B License, and FA Level 2. He also holds the NSCAA National Diploma, as well as FIFA Grassroots and Soccer Methodology in Catalonia certificates. Coach Yaser additionally holds a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science Degree and has served as both coach and director of numerous soccer clubs throughout the world at the youth and adult levels. To round out the soccer development experience, players will also undergo a rigorous core fitness training program.

EduKick USA Soccer Academy

Coach Yaser will coordinate the EduKick USA student athlete's soccer, strength, fitness, and dietary programming. In addition to regular soccer training with Coach Al-Harbi, the International Soccer Academy of Erie and/or the Erie Admirals will insert EduKick players into their youth squads depending on the age and level of the players for an additional two (2) training per week in the evening and play a weekend match (when scheduled).

USA Soccer Academies Football Training

USA Soccer Academies FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions.

Please read carefully.

Must be of the age to attend High School, i.e. at least a freshman or 9th grade, ages 14-18

Yes, it is a full-time residency academy where players from all around the country and abroad live, study, train and compete for 10 months of the year.

(September to June)
Yes, players have a 2-week Winter break (end of December to beginning of January). There are also Fall (October) and Spring (March) breaks in school, however the soccer schedule determines whether the training continues or not.

The full annual tuition for full-time residency academy is $53,990 (US Nationals & Internationals) and includes the following:

  • Accommodation in our dorm rooms.
  • Three(3) meals daily that are nutritionally balanced for an athlete.
  • Experienced coaching and training.
  • strength and conditioning training
  • Training gear.
  • education tuition at Mercyhurst Prep High School.
  • Tutoring and academic support.
  • College recruitment assistance.
  • NCAA eligibility counseling.
  • SAT/ACT prep.
  • Team travel and team transportation.
  • Tournament and tournament registration fees.
Frequently Asked Football Academies Questions

Communications and Reporting

Excellent communication and reporting.

Soccer Academies Communications and Reporting

EduKick International Soccer Academies prides itself on excellent communication and reporting.

All of our participants are provided with language progress reports. EduKick USA Year-long student-athletes will receive three (3) technical soccer evaluation reports and three (3) academic reports (from the affiliated educational institution) throughout the duration of the academic year course. EduKick International Soccer Academies also provides periodic behavioral/social updates from our Directors in the field. These reports are designed to serve as "updates" on general group activities, excursions, special events and any particular issues that may have transpired. The reports are often accompanied by digital photos or video clips that are emailed to parents for their review and enjoyment.

USA Soccer Academy Tuition Includes

  • Supervised accommodation in our dorm rooms
  • Daily Team meals (three) that are nutritionally balanced for an athlete
  • Experienced daily soccer coaching sessions from our Academy Coaches
  • Modern state of the art soccer training facility
  • Strength and conditioning training program
  • EduKick USA Academy training gear
  • High School education at Mercyhurst Prep High School (IB program offered)
  • Tutoring and academic support
  • College recruitment assistance
edukick erie pennsylvania usa football academy whats included
  • NCAA eligibility counseling
  • SAT/ACT prep support
  • Team travel and team transportation
  • Tournament and tournament registration fees and sales tax
  • The Tuition Fee Does Not Include
  • Medical Travel Insurance
  • USA F1 student visa application fees
  • Transport to/from Academy
  • Personal expenses throughout academic year


Erie, Pennsylvania USA September to June
$53,990.00 USD plus a one-time $200 USD application fee

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