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Every Camper Should Have A First Aid Kit

Camping is an extremely popular outdoor activity, a lot of families go camping at least once a year and many even camp
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 on a more regular basis. One of the most important part of this kind of outdoor activity is that you do it in a save way, prepare yourself and always, always have a good equipped first aid kit with you. It is always important to be prepared because there is always a chance that something goes wrong. And in the outdoors that change is a little bigger than when you go to an amusement park.

Every camping store who sells camping gear will sell ready made first aid kits, and most of them will sell first aid supplies that you can use to refill your own first aid kit. You can also make a first aid kit yourself specifically tailored to your and your travel companions needs and the environment were you will be camping.

What Should Your First Aid Kit Contain

You can divide every first camping kit in to tree kind of items, the essential basics, helpful items and other very important stuff that you need to be able to find in one catch.

The essential basic needs for your first aid kit are:

- compress bandages
- adhesive bandages
- instant cold compress
- gauze pads
- first aid tape
- oral thermometer without mercury or glass
- aspirin or other pain relief medicine
- medical gloves
- antibiotic pills and ointment
- inhaler
- emergency blanket
- scissors and tweezers
- antihistamine

There are some helpful items that are not really essential but would be wise to take with you in a camping first aid kit they don't take up much space and it can really improve your camping trip if you have them with you and are in need of a:

- anti-diarrhea medicine
- germ-killing hand gel
- lip balm
- tick tweezers

Some other important stuff that you need to take with you and can put in your camping first aid kit are

- small sewing kit
- matches
- extra flashlight
- extra batteries
- radio
- phone

and for each camper a whistle that they can use if they are lost.

Check Check Double Check

You should always prepare for the worst when you go camping, you will be in an area where you can't reach a drugstore or a doctor very quick and if you carry a well stocked camping first aid kit, you know you will never have to worry about small camping health incidents. You should also ask your camping companions if they use any medicines like inhalers or other incidental products like these. And you should check if they have them with them or place an extra inhaler in the first aid kit.

A well stocked camping first aid kit should be checked before every camping trip and you should replace every item that is outdated, broken or dirty. The first aid items should be placed in a waterproof bag, the best bags are the ones that is especially designed as a first aid kit for camping, this way your items will be save for accidental damage and small water infiltration in case of rain or accidentally dropping the bag in a steam.

With camping everything comes down to good preparation, you need to think about food, water and other supplies, and your camping first aid kit is an important part of that.

About the Author:

From childhood on Melissa Thornton has always been an outdoor person. Having seen a lot of camping spots around the world she gives tips to newcomers and die-hards about camping at


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